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Lotta Jansdotter

Handbound Sketchbook - Syllöda

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82 pages and 7 gusseted pockets
Lay-flat binding

A perfect sketchbook to hold your inspiration and creativity.

It has a hardcover with a tactile and sturdy printed cotton/linen fabric cover
in a Lotta Jansdotter design, printed in limited editions. The textured and thick pages works so well for many mediums including; watercolors, sharpie pens, India ink, pencils, and glue. The added pockets are excellent for collecting inspiring tickets, magazine clippings, photos, color chips, and much more.

Each book is a handcrafted creation made by skilled artisans hands, a unique handcrafted creation. Even books with the same pattern have their own characteristics making them truly special. When you buy one of these sketchbooks you support ethical companies that enable independent craftspeople to gain and maintain financial independence and security. You support handmade artistry and creativity.

These sketchbooks are inspired by my favorite, almost square, sketchbooks that I bought in an art store in San Francisco in 1996. It was blue, and it was the perfect size for me. Soon I had three more of that same sketchbook. I doodled, painted, and glued in them. Then they stopped making them—oh no! I quickly commissioned a book binder to make me some custom sketchbooks, in the same size of course, as it was important to me that all my books were uniform on my bookshelf. I added some pockets to some of the pages as well -this way I could save even more inspiration. Well, now I am on my 14th sketchbook, and each one is very special to me.

I am very happy to be able to share these much loved and much used sketchbooks with you and your friends.


Handprinted linen/cotton fabric hardcover

Acid-Free, Matte Sketch Paper 125 gsm


7 3/4 x 7.5” (19.5 cm x 18.5cm)